Attention New York Yankee haters…ya Bawston fans

‘We’re’ COMING to get you.  That 14 1/2 games we WERE behind has a familiar ring.  Anybody here remember 1978 (ok..anybody here READ about 1978?)?.

Abreu is waking up, A-Rod is walking/homering amongst the baseball gods, and Roger will GLARE YOU DOWN.

Those games against the Sawx in August are gonna be fun, and believe me, are gonna be painful for the blood-colored Sox types.



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16 responses to “Attention New York Yankee haters…ya Bawston fans

  1. I swear to God, John, if you even mention the name Bucky Dent I think I’ll hurl. Dammit, I just did. Good luck catching us, bro.

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  3. I wasn’t alive in 1978.

  4. Not so fast, my friend.

    It’s one thing to beat up on the bottom feeders of the baseball community. That’d be like UT playing Vandy in football every weekend….it’s good for our ego, but it doesn’t really prove anything.

    But just wait…you guys will stumble back to mediocrity soon when you play a team with…oh, I don’t know..a winning record.

  5. Wake me when you guys break .500….

  6. bridgett

    The Yankees are 8-15 in division play. The Sox are 16-9. Seven teams in the AL have better records than the Yanks. Just sayin…

  7. METS

  8. First of all, T-Man, wake UP! Yanks won tonight and are over 500!

    Yeah, the guys got off to a suck-ish start, and their division records are inferior to the Bo-Sux, but that was then and this is now. There’s gonna be a race, and deep in the heart of every true Sox fan, lies the fear of the Yankees.

  9. Actually John, that used to be true. We members of Red Sox Nation used to fear the hated Yankees.

    But now whenever I think of the Yankees, all I can hear are the following words- “Greatest choke in playoff history”. We will never fear the Yankees the same way again.

    And I know that most Yankees fans hate this more than anything.

  10. Thanks for this post John. It allowed me to find another Red Sox fan in the blogging community.

  11. bridgett

    .493. Just sayin’.

  12. um, temporary setback. Actually, i think i may have jinxed my boys!

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  14. hdtvs

    Cool Red Sox Blog. Check out my sox blog.

  15. russomcbo78

    yeah buddy, the yanks r back for real…division race aint over yet…bosux and tigers need to lose more games

  16. russomcbo78

    yeah 2.5 gb….i believe!!!LETS GO BOMBERS!!!

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