Rocking the casbah..or, I can’t stand up for falling down

There were bombs amidst the minarets yesterday, in the burgeoning civil war in which we ‘somehow’ find ourselves enmeshed. Earlier in the war against the country that did NOT bomb the US nor sponsor the bombers, we heard about the progress of the home-grown Iraqi troops and Iraqi police force. Not much talk of that lately, at least from the prop-spew gushing from the White House machine.

We did hear tell of Iraqi troop ‘progress’ from a general on sight. The Iraqi army has a 15 to 18% attrition rate, with 25% of its troops on sick leave at any given time. When “units showed up in Baghdad at 50 percent strength for their 90-day rotations, the American officers were upset, but “senior military leaders of the Iraqi government were kind of pleased that they had gotten 50 percent to come”..

What are we fighting for again? If the government of Iraq does not control or ‘own’ the violence the center can’t hold. Did the American people who initially support the war ever think we’d be occupying Iraq for the next 10 or 20 years? Occupation without violence is one thing, but in a country where minarets are falling and martinets are ruling, do you really want your sons and daughters (or your neighbor’s sons and daughters) to be maimed or killed for THIS?

I do suspect a good number of our troops will come home next year…we still hold elections, don’t we?


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