Dick of the Decade

They say that by middle age a man’s face is a reflection of his character.


I give you Dick Cheney. His arrogance seeps through. The perpetual sneer is testimony to the respect this man has for the American public and for democratic transparency. I never hated Bush. I don’t much care for him. He has his own arrogance and stubbornness, but I like to think he was over-matched and really does have a heart.

Cheney on the other hand….Cheney’s ongoing battle to keep the sunshine out of visitor logs and who he meets with and what he met about is understandable in some rare cases. But, every scandal that has rocked the capital where so-called secrecy was tantamount to save the republic pretty much turned out to be tantamount only to save the reputation of the person or persons who were perpetuating a hose-job on we the people. Witness the Pentagon Papers..deception after deception uncovered. Witness Nixon’s tapes. The only horror show there was the baring of an ugly twisted soul.

There is a reason that Dick’s favorability polling is somewhere down below paper cuts and telemarketing. His statement that conservation should remain only a ‘private virtue’ speaks volumes. His heart is still skulking in Halliburton mode.

His latest attempt to abolish the office that oversees how information is classified is typical. I don’t think he tortures children or puppies, but his torturous arrogance is one reason that this administration is going down in flames and will long be remembered for it’s near paranoia level of privacy and wrong-headedness.

So here’s to you DICK…you are truly the DICK of the Decade.



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2 responses to “Dick of the Decade

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  2. Ooooh Scary picture.
    Scrolling down your page and suddenly being faced with that visage just took two years off my life.

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