Will we always have Paris?

I once vowed never to mention HER name again…that spoiled heiress who is famous because she has lots of money and madcap ways and a patina of blandness that to me overcomes any interest whatsoever.  But, this piece on MSNBC.COM slays me.

The heiress who shall be named no more has now discovered that she is GRATEFUL for the little things and will now do things that will show how grateful she is.   Here’s my advice: SHUT UP.   Then SHUT UP some more, followed by prolonged and protracted periods of SHUTTING UP.

Don’t talk about how you are changed.  Don’t talk about how you will be doing things differently.  DO THEM DIFFERENTLY.  Just be quiet.  Leave jail and do something for something else other than the publicity machine clouding your brain.

I’m sick of people being caught with drugs/steroids/abusive behavior immediately afterwards proclaiming they have learned their lesson and will no go forth a changed person.  Great.  Shut up and be a changed person.  I’m all for ya, but we too often mistake the yak yak for the real thing.

Bruce Willis once held a press conference to announce he was no longer going to be doing press conferences.  I could have saved him the trouble.   Just don’t do press conferences, ya know.

I promise never to mention her name again in 2007, but this article just clocked me.



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2 responses to “Will we always have Paris?

  1. bridgett

    Please have your wife kiss you for me. Perfectly said.

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