Night of the living 8 under, or was it something I ate

Last night when I was lying prone on the bed about 1:30 tireder than used dirt I realized that sleep was not going to be calling. Not wanting to turn on a reading lamp to disturb the snoring gently cooing wife, I trundled myself downstairs and fired up the tube. That movie about dogs abandoned in Antarctica was playing (8 Under, I do believe) and I was enjoying the dogs splendid efforts to beat this seal out of some whale meat when a woman backed her car down the street (on the TV) screaming. It seems zombies were chasing her, and I really wanted to see if she got away but then sadly I fell asleep for the rest of the night.

Now I don’t know if the dogs made it or the woman escaped the zombies. Stupid insomnia…I can’t seem to get anything useful out of anti-sleep.

How is it when you are so bone-tired you hardly have the effort to blink your eyes sometimes you just can’t sleep. Makes no sense to me.



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3 responses to “Night of the living 8 under, or was it something I ate

  1. Sorry I couldn’t trade with ya, I slept a whopping 14+ hours last night.

    Man, zombies are everywhere among the NIT realm, I don’t get it. People always seeing or dreaming about or thinking about or being zombies. :: scratching head ::

  2. Zombies rule.
    A friendly message from your very unzombielike newscoma.
    Hutch, take it easy my friend.

    Ahhh … zombies.

  3. And get some sleep tonight. Lynnster’s orders.

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