Dick of the Decade Part II

Read the following paragraph carefully. It’s really not subtle, but one might forget we live in a nation of laws and that no one person is above the law. The paragraph concerns torture and what should or should not be allowed by representatives of this country:

The vice president’s lawyer advocated what was considered the memo’s most radical claim: that the president may authorize any interrogation method, even if it crosses the line of torture. U.S. and treaty laws forbidding any person to “commit torture,” that passage stated, “do not apply” to the commander in chief, because Congress “may no more regulate the President’s ability to detain and interrogate enemy combatants than it may regulate his ability to direct troop movements on the battlefield.”*

This is coming from the office of a man who has declared that he is unaccountable to oversight because his office is technically not part of the executive branch. What is that office then, and under what branch does it fall?

A president with any kind of conscience, a secretary of state with any kind of balls or an attorney general that understands what country we live in should have thrown Cheney’s lawyer and Cheney’s doctrine out of the building.

I’m not comparing this to Al queda or suicide bombers or other fascist institutions.  I’m comparing this policy to the stated constitution of the United States and the principles on which we stand.  I’m sorry, but this doctrine falls short.

This, my friends, is the true Cheney legacy.  The big swinging Dick, a man who has obviously amassed way too much power and a President who apparently doesn’t care.    How can this be defended?

*Source: MSNBC.COM



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2 responses to “Dick of the Decade Part II

  1. You said Dick.
    Your “R” rating will continue to stay intact.
    Incidentally, this cannot be defended.
    Just saying.

  2. He was NC-17, I think. That makes me scared to be here, as if I’m lookin’ at porn or something.

    Whoops! Well, your NC-17 rating certainly is intact NOW, hehe. 😀

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