12 million ways this won’t work…time to come up with something that will work..

I have to admit that there is more than a little satisfaction in seeing many Republican types who had heretofore somewhat supported the President finally realizing what many of us grasped a few years ago – Bush’s arrogance and cronyism and stubbornness are not becoming to the office. His torturous immigration bill flopped amidst the crowing of right-wing radio and right-wing punditry along with a lot of people from all across the spectrum who believed the bill was fatally flawed.

But, here’s the part that’s hard for me to say: At least Bush TRIED to deal realistically with something that the nay-sayers don’t appear to want to confront with much more than bumper-stickers and natavism: There are 12 million folks here who aren’t going to be deported or expunged from our country. They didn’t enter the country legally, but they are here, washing our cars, mowing our lawns, working the line in the factory, building our houses, and harvesting our crops.

You can talk walls, technology, laser, better enforcement ad infinitum regarding the border (not many folks are against better enforcement of our borders), but meanwhile back at the casa, we’ve got these folks who really aren’t going away, even amidst all the rightist talk about shamnesty amnesty.

So…here are are..a woefully overwrought immigration bill has gone down in flames. Are we gonna continue to flap the gums about the ‘illegals’ or are we going to face reality? As a movie once said..reality bites.



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4 responses to “12 million ways this won’t work…time to come up with something that will work..

  1. Jon

    Off on a bit of a tangent, I love this word ‘shamnesty’. Because I think to anyone with even a modicum of talent at parsing word construction*, it says “sham amnesty” — fake amnesty.

    So I do oppose “shamnesty” — I want *real* amnesty for these people.

    * Of course this isn’t be the first and probably won’t be the last piece of delicious irony from the English-First crowd.

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  3. Yea, John, it was weird for me to give props to W. on this. And yes, again, that it was a horrible bill, but not because of any perceived amnesty provisions. I hated the whole “Guest Worker” thing.

    Jon nailed the fact that for once, their own jingoism betrayed them.

  4. Oh, shit, sorry…how ya feeling? I didn’t go see you in the hospital since i found out all the nurses were guys. You understand.

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