Grascal-icious, or you grascally pickers..

Let me say here and now and probably down the road that if you have a chance to see the Grascals live and in person, don’t shilly-shally, procrastinate, dawdle, cogitate, hesitate or wait…GO. Last night at The Station Inn, the boys were in their element – local color, local crowd, room about to bust with people.

The guys can pick about a mile past where you think a picker could go, and you got some high-lonesome and full-bodied voices. In the middle of it all on stand-up bass stands a handsome man who somehow holds it all together. You got banjos flying, fiddles flailing, mandolins going lickity split, and something has to keep the parts from flying off the edges. Mista Smiff, master of the slap-bass standup and harmonizer extraordinare is the man. You don’t get a drum in blue-grass so somebody’s got to pop the rhythm and Mista Smiff more than passes the test.

He’s a nice looking guy who now has a much better haircut than the one pictured below. The Sista is sooo proud.




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6 responses to “Grascal-icious, or you grascally pickers..

  1. They are excellent. Glad you guys had so much fun.
    Wishing you good thoughts.

  2. What a wonderful evening indeed!

  3. I totally suck for missing this. I need to get a babysitter on retainer….

  4. We’re trying to figure out where that picture was made.

    Proud to have you and your wonderful Mrs. there, along with Klinde and the German. Thanks again for coming and for your nice words.

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  6. Uh, sounds like a great time. I wish I had known. I would have gone.

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