Another lesson on not judging a book by its cover, or, He more than phones it in

I may be the last person in the kingdom to have seen this, but you probably won’t mind watching it again if you know the story of a remarkable, rather odd looking, young man in England who was a contestant on the English equivalent of ‘American Idol’. The English version is not necessarily looking for pop stars, as you will see here.

The before and after shots of the judges are worth noting. From a near-sneer to adulation, in just a couple of minutes. In my case, my eyes start getting dusty about 1:20 into this clip.

Ladies and Gentlemen – Paul Potts


Talent and worth aren’t always packaged in any way, shape or form we can predict.



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6 responses to “Another lesson on not judging a book by its cover, or, He more than phones it in

  1. I am not generally a fan of operatic music however this guy blew me away. It is always nice to be pleasantly surprised and then see that Simon really enjoyed it. It seems to validate my enjoyment of it all in a weird way.

  2. Great clip. Hadn’t seen that one. Thanks for sharing. I’ve only watched one season of American Idol, and never watched any of the others. They are usually so manipulative with their audiences, guiding them to pick who they want,etc. And this one was too…they want you to like him so there are lots of sweeping audience shots, etc, but he was fantastic so i didn’t mind so much 🙂
    Do you know how it panned out? I’m sure some small opera company in Chelsea or somewhere picked him up if nothing else.

    Side note: “Pop Idol” is the UK version of “American Idol” (Simon started it there first). This is from the UK version of “America’s Got Talent” which in the UK is “Britain’s Got Talent” and is another Simon Cowell production. Here the rights got bought by a different network than the “Idol” franchise, and Simon’s US contract with Fox prevents him from participating on screen for that one. He makes loads of cash off all of them though 🙂

  3. Potts ended up winning the whole thing. Thanks for clearing up the difference between the shows!

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  5. Yeah, he’s good. That performance gave me chills, totally against my will. He needs a few voice lessons to get the tension out of his voice, and a beard to add to his stage presence. Then he’ll go platinum.

  6. Tuesday night is a new episode of America’s Got Talent. There are several people who are odd looking with amazing talents who you’ll be rooting for. Check it out.
    The judges are Sharon Osbourne, Piers…something…(The same British judge that was in this clip) and David Hasselhof. (sp?) I have no idea why he is a judge.
    Also, after the new episode of America’s Got Talent is a new show that you and all music lovers will love.
    It’s called ‘Singing Bee,’ and it has nothing to do with how well the contestant sings, but if he/she knows the lyrics. It should be a riot.

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