Linking Logs

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the new ‘Music City Bloggers‘ site. Sprung from the forehead of Zeus-ian Ivy and mid-wived by Kat Coble, the blog intends to roll the movable feast formerly gathering at NIT into a new non-media ‘privately’ run gathering. Full disclosure here: I’m part of the group and have posting rights (I’m going to work on creating the most posts without comments record). Many other local bloggers will also be able to join in the fun as well.

I haven’t seen many successful ‘group’ blogs. Some start out swimmingly, but run out of steam. Others create a ‘brand’ and a loyal following (e.g. SixMeatBuffet) and manage to paddle upstream, full speed ahead. I am optimistic about this endeavor. Ivy has the passion and she has a good ‘freaks and geeks’ crew to bring this baby screaming and kicking into the blog-a-teria.

WKRN should be given credit for allowing NIT to flourish and for hiring Brittney to make it not only work but to blow up (in the positive semi-recent slang meaning of the words). It doesn’t appear that they really have the heart and/or inclination to continue in the same vein, but I could be wrong. Meanwhile, Music City Bloggers is channeling Pink…let’s get the party re-started.

We hope to avoid the clique, but we can’t totally control perception. Hopefully, the gumbo will be spicy.

On another front, my friend Emily is pimping pushing the ‘About Nashville‘ site which looks to me to be a great complement to Music City Bloggers and Metroblogging.


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  1. Well, definitely don’t let me post. I can go for days and days without inspiring a comment. I like to think it’s because although I have many readers, they simply all agree with my righteous truth.


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