Venus rising, or why I’m an idiot: part 137

Venus ascending, Venus oh  Venus. I’m a fan. Venus rocked the tennis world again today by winning Wimbledon for the 4th time. She came in seeded 23 but blazed a path through the higher seeds.    Her serve serrated Sharapova.  The Venus game is made for grass.

I knew full well that the women’s final was this morning at 8:00 local time.  I got up much earlier than that, confirmed the start time by checking the sports listings in the paper and then preceded to slowly amble through a few chores (largely consisting of putting up clean clothes that had been sitting sitting sitting over the past few days) and then piddled around, and piddled around some more and then reading some blogs and thinking about posting again after a week away from the blog and then I looked up at the clock and it was freaking 10:00 and I ran down to the TV only to find that Venus had already won.  I’m a moron.  At 7:45 I was making a note to watch the 8:00 finals.  By 8:00 I had already forgotten.

I’m glad Venus won.  She’s a hero, at least the sporting side of her life.   Any kid that can grow up in Compton and play on those tennis courts and can become what she has become remains amazing in my book.   If she hadn’t lost her focus a couple of years ago, I’m pretty sure that today’s win would have been or 6th Wimbledon title instead of her 4th.  Here’s hoping to better focus for all of us, and a hearty cheer for Venus – still ascending.




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2 responses to “Venus rising, or why I’m an idiot: part 137

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  2. Vic

    And she was quite gracious in victory too, mentioning Billie Jean King for leading the way for women in tennis. Good for her.

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