Maybe THEN I’d read the Davidson A.M. section…

I have god-awful handwriting.  My notes should be put on powerpoint slides and presented as mandatory lesson plans for third grade teachers to show their charges what NOT to do when it comes to putting pencil or pen to paper.   I’m fascinated by folks whose handwriting has flair along with the functionality of actually being readable.  The pinnacle of my penmanship was in the 3rd grade when I learned the cursive language.  Rolling downhill from there, I am to the point where I often can’t even decipher my own handwriting.

All of this is to say, I was blown away when I read that there is a newspaper in India that is actually HAND-WRITTEN each day by a team of calligraphers.  It’s a Muslim paper, but they actually hire women, which is apparently kind of a lib thing to do in that section of India.

Check this out…somebody should frame each edition.  I bet the classifieds are a bi-atch to write!

ht: Melissa Maples – check out her post on the t-shirts she found at a Turkish bazaar!



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5 responses to “Maybe THEN I’d read the Davidson A.M. section…

  1. I always had bad handwriting too. Now it’s practically nonexistent.

    A couple years ago I realized I probably write about 20 words per week on paper. The rest is all typed. “use it or lose it I guess”

  2. bridgett

    My handwriting used to be so bad that I had to take a special class to get it to where anyone else could read it. (A combo of thinking faster than I could get my hand to move and underdeveloped fine motor skills…) I credit Tolkien with the motivation to learn to write pretty — I wanted to learn to write Elvish (whoo! serious dorkage alert!) and so I had to learn to control my hand to make fine lines and curves.

    The most famous Islamic calligrapher and teachers of script of our times (Khalil al-Zahawi) just got gunned down in a terrorist attack outside his home in Baghdad a couple of weeks ago. Basically, he was killed because he has occasionally used secular texts as the basis for his work.

  3. You just said that about your handwriting because you know that the smart people have bad handwriting. You just wanted to tell us that you were smart.

  4. Glen – if that is true, I should be lecturing at MIT and advising the rulers of the world…

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