Say it ain’t so, Dan Patrick

I don’t get to listen to radio much at work.  Streaming internet not allowed and the reception inside our concrete fortress encasing all of us at the Cordell Hull who don’t have real jobs is spotty (that’s being kind).  But, sometimes when I’m out and about in the afternoon, I have the privilege of listening to Dan (of ESPN radio fame). I especially enjoy the show since Rob Dibble got booted off left.

Patrick IS a personality and yeah, sometime his ‘I’m Dan Patrick schtick’ gets a little heavy and the supposed self-deprecation is not well-disguised, but the man knows his sports.  He knows the sports world.  His guest list is diamond dusted.  He doesn’t shy away from controversy and almost always has an opinion, AND he’s leaving ESPN.

I don’t know anyone who can adequately replace him.  The days he goes on vacation, his substitute hosts are effective but not effervescent.  I’m going to miss Dan Patrick, even though I rarely hear him now.

Good luck Dan, and for the love of Jack Buck, don’t bring back Dibble!


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One response to “Say it ain’t so, Dan Patrick

  1. I just about cried when my wife told me this yesterday. I’ve been listening to his radio show off and on since its debut and it’s easily one of the most intelligent and entertaining sports shows out there.

    I’m rarely around a radio while he’s on air, but I always download the podcasts and get my fix that way.

    My hunch? He’ll leave sports and try something closer to political commentary like his close buddy Olbermann.

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