Sista goes to college..

And has a VERY special message for her old junior high school counselor.

I”m sure that most of us had positive encouragement from teachers and counselors back in junior high and high school, but if you are like me, you may remember some of the positive stuff, but the criticism and negativity is still up there rolling around the cranium.

I had a junior high teacher who was also the junior high basketball coach.  He had seen me attempt to play sports rather clumsily over the years, and apparently that image was pretty well burnished into his meager brain-pan.  It’s not that I really metamorphosed into a hoops killah, but my game got pretty good when 8th grade rolled around.  Good enough to make the 8th grade team.   But, I had no chance, thanks to what the coach couldn’t get past my past.   Sadly, my game went downhill from that point.  I’ve forgiven the big jerk, but I haven’t forgotten!

Where were we?  Oh yeah, BIG CONGRATS to the Sista!


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One response to “Sista goes to college..

  1. seesta

    Awww, thanks, man. Now, let’s hope I pass my pre-requisites.

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