A deeper understanding of the game…

My I’m just grumpy this morning because my stomach is recovering from the ingestion of this barium concrete solution taken in order that the ‘cat’ scan folks can better view my inside-parts, .which fits in with my policy of celebrating Friday the 13th with a special viewing. I really do feel like a concrete mixing truck.

I was reading Sports Illustrated and ran across the interview with Joey Chestnut (the new hot dog eating champion) when I noticed that he was the 3-time winner of the freaking ‘Fried Asparagus Eating’ competition. WTF? Not only is there a ‘Fried Asparagus Eating contest, there is a damn GOVERNING BODY for eating contest (International Federation of Competitive Eating). I suspect they were created to grab their own piece of the competitive-eating pie.

The IFoCE actually has rankings of the top 50 eaters (world wide), including, my favorite – Crazy Legs Conti. The bio on Crazy L actually contains the lines:

Legs struggled in 2006 to maintain the momentum he showed in his early years. However, his perseverance has earned him a greater knowledge of self and a deeper understanding of the game.

In addition, he has shown himself to have an affinity for lobster eating, twice placing in the money in this difficult discipline.

Has the apocalypse begun and I missed it? Is there any better example of an over-fed greedy populace than the competitive ingestion of food (other contests include pancakes, gelatin, crawdads, pizza, and of course, pigs feet).

Do the folks down at Second Harvest get a little verklempt when they read this stuff?



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5 responses to “A deeper understanding of the game…

  1. Carey

    I would think that the folks down at Second Harvest get excited for these competitions. Alot of the eaters donate equivalents of the value that they eat to SH, and the IFOCE matches donations given to Second Harvest and The American Red Cross up to $10,000.

  2. bridgett

    It’s like watching NASCAR when we’ve crossed peak oil…oh, wait, we do that. We really are on a ship of fools.

  3. Lee

    Maybe they do a little.

    But my question is, do they actually have to crack open the lobster themselves, or just eat the pre-prepared meat themselves. Ever see Zoolander where the male models are banging on the computer trying to open a file just like the monkeys from 2001: A Spade Odyssey?

    That’s me trying to open lobster claws.

  4. Vic

    Did it say anything about any of the competitors needing to “get their swagger back”?

    What about “giving 110%”?

    Yeah, it’s the apocalypse.

  5. ^^^ I’m with Bridgett.

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