Here’s your damn report card Mr. President

Bang: U.S. troops engage with Iraqi POLICE in gun battle after police lieutenant arrested for leading a cell dedicated to bombing American troops.   Mr. President, and all you, ‘we can’t leave because it would descend into chaos’ folks, do you understand what this means?   The so-called police force is riddled with Shiite militia members using their authority and uniforms to kill the Sunni.

Bang: Iraqi Prime Minister says that ‘US can leave anytime it wants and that we are capable of keeping the peace’, albeit with a little more training and weapons.  We installed a government.  It is theoretically a democracy and sovereign entity. Maybe if they are telling us we can go, we should listen.

Bang: One of the top aides to the PM says that ‘US is treating Iraq like a laboratory and that  the troops are committing human rights violations and cooperating with terrorist thugs”.   This ain’t Michael Moore or some lefty armchair cynic. This is from the office of the Prime Minister of Iraq.

Bang: US military have decreased the number of estimated Iraqi units who can stand on their own.  The old estimate was 10, the new one 6, far less than the necessary 100 needed to for an adequate military force.

So..hows that working out for ya, again??



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2 responses to “Here’s your damn report card Mr. President

  1. I got a box of IMPEACHmints for my birthday. I wish I’d gotten a case.

  2. IMPEACHmints.
    That’s hysterical, Kathy T.

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