My favorite name to say out loud..

Gerard Depardieu. The trick is, you say it slowly, with nasal, and one syllable at a time. I thought of this because we saw Monsieur Depardieu in a stimulating calvacade of film last night at the Belcourt. The name of the flick is Paris Je T’aime and it consists of 18 short films by 18 different directors. Each film-negtte was shot in a different sector of Paris.

The marvelously cheek-boned Maggie Gyllenhaal plays a narcotized actor in one (Maggie steals my heart every-time she appears on screen in any movie). Lotsa other folks you would recognize show up (Natalie Portman and the deliriously wonderful befuddled Steve Buscemi are two other highlights).

The film ends with a mid-western American’s ‘high school French’ rendition of her trip alone to Paris. At first you’re thinking…oh shit, it’s another Ugly American story, and then as it unfolds, you realize that she has a wonderful, if lonely, heart, and there is no patronizing attitude a’tall.

Recommended for movie lovers..great soundtrack.. Oh yeah, one of the bits has vampires!



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4 responses to “My favorite name to say out loud..

  1. Jon

    I absolutely adored that film, especially that final scene.

  2. nm

    Tellez-moi, s’il vous plait: is M. Depardieu still grossly fat? Because I can bear it if he’s just chunky, pudgy, and middle aged. I am myself. But he was tres gros for a while and I can’t bear it.

  3. M. Depardieu makes a very brief appearance in his own short film and while not grossly overweight, he does show the pudge.

  4. Stellarini (of your past)

    Hutchmo….ran across this and just had to make a comment…you know ME!…..Actually Danny found it and sent it to me. We all need to get together soon, several have asked; we have 3 years to count down, and then…….well, you know…”Ask not, what your school can do for you, ask what you can do for your school…translates as class reunion!
    And we will find a rockin’ place to have it this time!love to hear from you

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