Probably not much ‘conchord’ on this issue, but I love this show..


I can’t do, watch, or digest ‘John from Cincinnati’, but I find myself really enjoying ‘Flight‘. The show features two seemingly non-mensa-like musicians from New Zealand who have moved to New York to make it big. As one would suspect after watching their laconic stylings, they are going nowhere fast. But, the deadpan journey is wonderful grist for a 30 minute show replete with witty tunes a la ‘They Might be Giants’.

They have one groupie and a moronic manager and an occasional soon-to-leave girlfriend or two. Not a lot happens, but they make me laugh. I thought I was the only one (besides my wife) who enjoys the show (I’ve heard nothing but derision on talk radio and in blogs), but then I discovered one of my blog-heroes also loves the show. You rock, Lindsey.

Are there more of ‘us’ out there??



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8 responses to “Probably not much ‘conchord’ on this issue, but I love this show..

  1. Lee

    I do not get HBO, so I am missing out on their show, which I truly regret. But I have heard a couple of their songs. Amazing.

    A link to a performance I saw on cable, either my friend’s HBO, or either Comedy Central, where I almost shot beer out my nose. And you think milk hurts.

    <a href=:“(This is where we break it down.)”

  2. I love it too. I think it’s brilliant.

  3. graceless24

    It sounds like a typical day in Nashville 🙂

  4. Yay! It is truly hilarious. I love this show so much that I may or may not have entered into the world of illegal downloading so I could watch entire episodes.

  5. yank283

    This show rocks…can’t believe all the haters out there…it’s very original…

  6. I also don’t get HBO, but I loved the song they did on Letterman, and my sister-in-law praised the show while she was guest-hosting my blog a few weeks back. (She has her own blog now.)

  7. (the aforementioned sister-in-law)…
    I love the show — I agree, total TMBG vibe. I keep wishing for dial-a-song.

  8. There are a couple of episodes up on TV-Links that you can stream for free. That song about the most beautiful girl in the room is my favorite hands-down!

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