What would Sean say?

Can anybody tell me what Sean Penn thinks about the following issues?  I really don’t know what to think, and I’m kinda hoping that maybe Sean has made his thoughts known on this stuff.

1) switchgrass – do you think that Sean grows this stuff in his large backyard?

2) steroids – wonder if Sean has tried them himself in order to help us know what to think about steroids

3) solar energy – ooooh, I bet Sean’s FOR this.

4) health care – I wonder how Sean thinks THIS should be handled

5) The 12,000,000 illegal immigrants already in our country – Wonder if Sean has put any of them to work?

6) That collapsing bridge deal – I bet Sean is sad about that one

7) The homeless – I’m thinking this makes Sean REALLY sad

8) School uniforms – Ridgemont High didn’t have uniforms, right??

9) Bottle water – I bet its ONLY tap for Sean

10) brussel sprouts – NO WAY, Sean’s mom makes made him eat those

If anybody could help me here, it’ll feel good to not have to think about this stuff.  Wonder if Sean has a blog??


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One response to “What would Sean say?

  1. I love you. I just…love you.

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