I doubt Mayor Purcell reads this blog, but…

I’d like to thank him for joining us for a few blocks of our ‘Night Out Against Crime’ neighborhood walk.  In the brief time he was able to spend with us, he listened to our concerns about a ‘trouble-magnet’ store* in our neighborhood, he told us that the re-engineering of the waste water plant would be finished on time (2008) and that there will soon be a groundbreaking ceremony for the green-way connector between the MetroCenter green-way and the green-way which begins in Bicentennial Mall and meanders down to Riverfront Park.   He also let us know that funds had been approved for a new Head Start Building behind the current Head Start headquarters currently located in the old Fehr School on 5th and Garfield.

When the Metro Action Commission finally moves to the Howard campus and the new Head Start building is completed, the Fehr school building will be available for other uses.   Mayor Purcell favors selling the building to developers for condos, but also clearly stated that the actual decision will be made by the next mayor.

So..I’m not sure that the next mayor (Dean or Clement) reads this blog either, but here’s hoping that Fehr can once again become a neighborhood school.  Salemtown is attracting lots of folks who want to live near downtown AND have a neighborhood.  Adding a neighborhood school to the mix would make the neighborhood attractive to more than young singles and us empty nester types (not that there’s anything wrong with young folks and empty nesters!!).

S-TownMike has a picture of the Mayor with the early stage-members of last night’s walk.  Other folks joined in as the walk progressed.

*The ever-so-lovely K & M Market on  Garfield between 6th and 7th.


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