If you’re not watching ‘Damages’, you should be..

Not a lot of great summer fare on the tubes, outside of ‘The Closer’ on TNT and ‘Rescue Me’ on FX.   A newer offering by FX ‘Damages‘ starring Glenn Close, Ted Danson and a bunch of ‘those guys*’ is a fun show about dirty-double-crossing’ lawyers (i don’t always think that is a redundancy) and at least one good lawyer and a lot of shady goings-on.  Told partly in flashback, with the protagonist bloodied and arrested, the show really really makes me want to find out how all this unfurls.   Good summer escapist fun..

Damages is on at 9:00 PM CST on Tuesday nights with a lot of chances throughout the week to catch up.

*those guys: men and women you recognize from numerous TV appearances, but you can’t quite remember their name.



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5 responses to “If you’re not watching ‘Damages’, you should be..

  1. I really like this show, but FX has raised the bar so high with The Shield that I keep wanting Damages to be just as good. This show has the potential to get even better, but it isn’t as fast-paced as The Shield.

  2. I’m with you – I’m hooked!

  3. I’m hooked…it’s not the same thrill as The Shield or Rescue Me, but it’s still compelling as all get out.

  4. Yes! Finally someone else besides me that watches Rescue Me around here! I have been disappointed with this season so far but I loved the first three seasons. Anyway, I haven’t been watching Damages, but since you recommend it, I might have to give it a try.

  5. Cool. I’ve been DVRing Damages, but haven’t gotten around to watching it. Good to know my instinct was right, though.

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