From 60 to zero, and back again – shaken up in and by Peru

The world is certainly a tricky place. One day you’re celebrating a significant anniversary and you’re happy and sassy and thankful and feeling cozy and the next day there’s an earthquake in Peru. At first when I heard there was an earthquake outside of Lima, I felt bad, but not scared, because my daughter lives far to the north of a town well out of harm’s way. Then my wife reminded me that every Peace Corp worker in Peru is in Lima for medical checkups. The heart, which just a few hours ago was all warmth and cheer suddenly sank.We called Washington…and finally got a call back. All Peace Call workers in Lima were supposedly accounted for and safe, but no details. I felt a little better but I wanted more. Parents can be greedy like that. email…thank God:

Dad, hey I am fine. I am sorry that you are worried. I tried to call but there are no phone lines. My hostal is situated in an old second story building. I was with a ton of volunteers and all of a sudden the floor started shaking. For the first 20 seconds we stayed put thinking it would pass, then things hanging on the wall started shaking. We all ran under a doorpost. Things were shaking really bad and a window got knocked out and shattered three feet from us. Some idiot drunk ass backpackers were hanging out in the balcony drinking, but luckily everbody was and is okay. This earthquake was a 7.9 and originated in the jungle were everything, especially the buildings are really primitive, so keep these people in your thoughts, they are the ones who are suffering.

Damn…and..whewwwww. In the middle of all this, our electricity went out in our neighborhood…I may have aged a little faster tonight than the calendar would allow. We’re back, fully cooled, fully electrified and my daughter appears to be safe.

Your kids leave and they are out of your control. Truth be told, the control deal was over a good long time ago. You wanna keep them safe, but you want them to be able to handle the hard times themselves. On the other hand, EARTHQUAKES??? That’s not supposed to be part of the deal.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.



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14 responses to “From 60 to zero, and back again – shaken up in and by Peru

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  2. Glad to hear she’s okay.

  3. Wow. That’s got to turn anyone into a block of icy nerves.

    I’m so glad she’s okay.

    I’ll keep praying, of course.

  4. Y’all must have completely white hair now! I read this post with my breath held, I’m so glad she is safe!

  5. Oh my Lord, John, I bet your nerves were fried until you knew she was okay.

    I thought of you/her when I heard about the quake on the news.

    I’m grateful she wasn’t harmed. I hope you and Lynn can find a way to relax, or at least, breathe.

    Keeping you in my prayers.

  6. I am so glad to hear she is well. Hope you all are breathing again. 🙂

  7. I thought of her when I heard about the quake. Glad to know she’s alright.

  8. Thank God she’s all right.

    And, heat aside, isn’t it weird how having no electricity, by itself, increases your anxiety level?

  9. The first thing I did when I heard about the quake was to see where Erin’s village was. I had no idea she was in Lima. Extra scary!

    I’m so glad she’s alright. As an ex-Californian, I know how scary those things can get. But a 7.9?! Damn.

  10. It is quite a realization that they are really in God’s hands. I’m so glad she’s safe.

  11. Malia

    I saw the Twitter activity about this last night and I couldn’t help thinking about how earlier in the evening we were all so pumped about Heather having her baby and then the next thing were anxious to know what’s going on in Peru and is Erin ok! Life comes at us pretty fast, huh?

    I’m so very happy that she’s unharmed and you can breathe easier again. I imagine the Peace Corps will have a lot a work ahead of them now? We’ll keep praying for their safety.

  12. Her safety is very good news. Whew!

  13. John,

    I am so very glad that Erin is okay. She and your family have been in my prayers.

  14. Is there a wiping-sweat-off-the-brow-in-relief emoticon?

    [insert it here]

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