The Hanley man can..the Hanley man can..(Can Hanley Ramirez save baseball?)

It’s a shame that the Florida Marlins generally dwell in the bottom half of the standings these days, because they own THE future superstar of Major League Baseball. I say it’s a shame, because not many people (including Miami denizens) pay much attention to the Marlins.

Hanley Ramirez plays a glamour position (shortstop), hits for power, hits for average, has speed, has a cannon arm and plays a mean middle infield. In other words, he’s 5 for 5 in what are generally called the tools of baseball. Not a lotta other 5 tool guys out there (Sizemore in Cleveland is another one). If H. Ramirez was playing on the coasts or in Chi-Town or St. Louis, there would already be shrines built. And, he’s only 23 years old. He was in the Red Sox system, and they DID get a lot of talent for the man in their trade with Florida, but I promise you that someday, Boston fans are going to rue the day of that trade.

If I was starting a major league franchise and I was given the choice of one man from any team to start my franchise, I’d pick Hanley over A-Rod, Grady Sizemore or anyone else you can name. He was the rookie of the Year last season, and it’s only getting better. Baseball manages to regenerate. Hanley will lead the way.


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