‘You can TAKE the reservation, you don’t know how to HOLD the reservation, or, Jameson Suites will not have my bedding anymore

I’m a Dave Ramsey believer on some points, chiefly the deal about credit cards. I guess I should say I’m a near-believer because I do have a credit card, but I rarely use the thing. I like to pay cash. Tonight I’m in Jackson, TN and I’m staying at the Country Inn and Suites. They take cash and they give the state rate, their room is comfortable, the air conditioner works, the TV works and the bed is ample.

On the other hand, take the Jameson Suites, which is where I made a reservation. They do not take cash after 7:00 PM. In my previous stays I’ve always arrived before 7:00. I didn’t know about their no-cash policy after 7:00. There is no sign stating that cash policy. When I made the reservation, their computer ‘remembered me’ and I’m guessing they remembered I paid cash. When I made the reservation, I told them I would be arriving around 7:30 or 8:00 PM. The person who TOOK the reservation did not mention this policy to me.

Needless to say, when I arrived, cash in hand and I was rebuffed, I was steamed. I did not curse. I did not yell, but I did show more than a modicum of irritation. On the other hand, I had an epiphany…It relates to the fact that I believe that pretty much everything in life can be related to at least one Seinfeld episode. I realized that I could be more than just a sideline viewer…For one brief shining moment, I could be Jerry. I promise you that the following is pretty close to verbatim. I’ve rarely been prouder.

Jerry/John H: I made a reservation for a king-size room, non-smoking.

Agent/Desk Clerk: (noticing that I have cash literally in hand) We can’t give you the room after 7:00 for cash.

Jerry/John H: I don’t understand, I made a reservation, do you have my reservation?

Agent: Yes, we do, unfortunately we can’t give you the room

Jerry/John H: But the reservation keeps the room. That’s why you have the reservation.

Agent: I know why we have reservations.

Jerry/John H: I don’t think you do. If you did, I’d have a room. See, you know how to take the reservation, you just don’t know how to *hold* the reservation and that’s really the most important part of the reservation, the holding. Anybody
can just take them. (I was REALLY PROUD of myself at this point. Sadly, the clerk neither felt sympathy nor seemed to realize that she was taking part in a seminal moment of my post-modern life)

At this point, I veered off-script, but the results were nearly sponge-Seinfeld worthy:

Agent: I’m sorry we can’t give you a room. You can speak to the manager.

John H: ok, let me speak to the manager

Agent: I’m sorry..you can’t speak to the manager. She’s not here tonight.

John H: you just told me I could speak to the manager and now you are telling me that I can’t speak to the manager. Does she have a phone?

Agent: You can’t speak to the manager and you can’t have a room.

John H: (holding out a crisp $100 bill. You do see that this is legal tender, right (ok, at this point, I just may, just may have sounded a bit irritated)

Agent: I’m sorry, you can’t have a room for cash. You cannot speak to the manager until tomorrow.

John H: (leaving) trust me, I’ll speak to the manager tomorrow!

I really do think it’s sad that people who want to pay cash, can’t pay cash. It is worth something, you know! Jameson’s ain’t a bad place to stay, but they’ve lost my business.



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7 responses to “‘You can TAKE the reservation, you don’t know how to HOLD the reservation, or, Jameson Suites will not have my bedding anymore

  1. Lesley

    I’ve had this discussion at work (as I work in the hospitality business) and was told that we always have to take cash. It’s the law. Just as you mentioned, it’s legal tender so by law they’re required to accept it.

    However, they’re not required to honor your reservation or let you stay there as long as you were not discriminated against based on age, race, etc. And you’re not required to refrain from disparaging them on your blog! What a country! /Yakov Smirnov

  2. I always have to laugh when I see the credit card commercials that show people using cash slowing things down.


    I’ve been on the Dave Ramsey “pay cash for everything” train since I was 19. It has worked out very well. MANY businesses, especially smaller ones, are very keen on giving discounts to customers who pay cash.

    You have the right idea–take your business elsewhere.

  3. Char

    That is one of fav Seinfelds!!
    You did a great job. Did you wave your arms in the air during “anybody can just take the reservation”?

  4. That was awesome. Except for the part where it actually happened to you. Otherwise it was damn funny.

  5. Cash not being accepted has always been a pet peeve of mine as well. The new Visa commercials where everything moves along smoothly whilst patrons slide their card at the register and then comes to a grinding halt when someone presents cash helps perpetuate the lunacy of cash being cumbersome and troubling to accept. I am not a big fan of credit cards having fallen prey to their “buy now, pay later” convenience factor.

  6. Hahahahah I’m with Kate O’. This is a fabulous, fabulous tale. I’m sorry for the annoyance, but you clearly made lemonade here with such a great report. 🙂

  7. Lovely! I’ve always wanted to do the bit with the telemarketer (“oh, so you don’t want me calling you at home…?).

    And you were just 45 minutes away from me, dude. What brought you this way?

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