I WANT this t-shirt!

I bet Ivy does too!



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6 responses to “I WANT this t-shirt!

  1. Malia

    Someone, I believe it was one of my cousins or one of DB’s former roommates, signed the guest book at our wedding, Inigo Montoya. Of course we thought it was hysterical because we both love that movie! (And Storybook Love was one of our wedding songs.)

  2. Oh, I do, I do want it!! Squeee!

  3. I want it as well! I say that to the German when we are picking on each other. He had not been fortunate enough to see the movie so I made him watch it and when that scene toward the end came on a light bulb went off over his head.

  4. Lee

    We watched The Princess Bride back in the afterschool daycare program I worked at college summers.

    We all forgot that one line that made the movie PG.

    “Give me back my father you son of a bitch!” [stab]

    All the kids cheered “Yeah!” and the counselors were looking around going “Oops.”

  5. The guy who designed that is from Murfreesboro and is pretty darn talented. I’m ashamed to say that I have never seen The Princess Bride 😦

  6. Hahahahaha that is great. PB is definitely in my top 10, probably top 5.

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