If we’re so smart in this country, how come we don’t have THESE?

The last time I was in Canada, my friend took me to a convenience store and ordered me to buy ‘Smarties‘.  Wow.

I quickly discovered that Smarties just kill M&M’s (and I like M&Ms). Sadly, Smarties aren’t sold in the good old USA. I’m thinking if people KNEW how good they are, that a Presidential candidate would do well for herself (or himself) with a pledge to bring ‘Smarties’ to the supermarkets, drugstores and Quikie Marts of our country.




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9 responses to “If we’re so smart in this country, how come we don’t have THESE?

  1. Supposedly, part of the origins of M&Ms was that the Mars family had a ne’er-do-well son whom the family sent to Europe in the late 1930s, partly to keep him out of sight. He returned with Smarties, suggesting something similar as a new product. Meanwhile, when World War II broke out, the U.S. military looked for a chocolate that could be sent with soldiers into all climates without becoming a mess.

    I had some Smarties when I was on one of my mission trips to Kenya (which, as a former British colonies, still has a lot of British products for sale). I thought they had the tiniest undertone of orange flavor, and I, frankly, didn’t like them as well as M&Ms.

  2. John – my experience in Windsor (and later in Toronto) was different. I experienced extra-milk chocolate goodness without any orange-y taste. I can safely say that my initiation into the world of Smarties was more than a good sample considering I think I ate an entire bagful in about 3 minutes.

  3. bridgett

    Speaking of things that are better in Canada, I notice that the Tim Horton’s chain (which I thought was exclusively Canadian) is now moving into the US. If Ashland, KY has one, they must be everywhere. But the US stores don’t do the good tea that they have in Canada.

  4. Tim Horton’s coffee is outstanding. There’s a rumor in Canada that TH puts nicotine in the coffee to make you want more. I doubt THAT is true, but I love some Tim Horton’s.

    When I went to Toronto for our Canadian baseball trip we stayed in a hotel one block from TH. In three days, I went to TH’s approximately 14 times.

    I’d be happier to see TH down here than I am to see the encroaching Dunkin’ Donuts (and I LOVE DD).

  5. I will stand up for those who love orange chocolate. In fact, my kids both get a chocolate orange in their stockings each year from Santa. Bless that ol’ Saint Nick….I’m sure he’s noticed they never eat them, but there’s nary a bite of chocolate orange left in the house at the end of the day. 😉

    I’ve never had Smarties, but I’m ready….

  6. Yea, Smarties rule. And I always forget about them until I see them in the checkout line, which is probably why they are there.

  7. Ah- a co-worker is going to Canada for the weekend, and is being forced to buy a great slew of food and candy back with him for us, including smarties.

  8. I just married a gal whose family is from Canada. She’s been telling me about these things for a long time. Also, ketchup chips, Nanaimo bars, Sunny Boy, and all-things-Cadbury have been added to my list of Canadian goodies to try.

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