This story makes my blood boil

Iraq corruption whistleblowers face penalties
Cases show fraud exposers have been vilified, fired, or detained for weeks
If the Bush administration wants to claim at least one inch of moral highground or ethical leadership, the President and all his men (and women) should condemn the treatment of those folks who were brave enough to speak out about the corruption, graft and outright sleazy behavior of some of OUR companies in Iraq.

Congress gave more than $30 billion to rebuild Iraq, and at least $8.8 billion of it has disappeared, according to a government reconstruction audit.

I can’t comprehend an American citizen being imprisoned for speaking out on this issue, but at least one was jailed. These people should be given the same glory as any championship winning team who visits the White House, yet they are shunned, vilified and ignored.

The conservative pundits who decry the decay of our moral fiber, who believe that God should be on the mantle-piece and not in the attic, should be at the forefront on this issue, screaming in condemnation.. I’m not going to hold my breath.

Please read this story. If you want to get back to the moral high-road, and this story doesn’t make you sick to your stomach in indignation, you have zero credibility with me.



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3 responses to “This story makes my blood boil

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  2. Jim

    “If the Bush administration wants to claim at least one inch of moral highground or ethical leadership…”

    no, seriously. 😉 And you would expect this because … has lightning just struck the prez or something?

  3. The Rolling Stone report on this issue was very very enlightening.
    Accountability for anything? The Government still isn’t doing much. Ex air-force general “I am not giving our profits back”…. yeah…. he likes his million dollar home too much.

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