No respect, no respect, I tell ya..

I came into the office this evening to run a couple of jobs that I wasn’t able to do while I was in K-ville. This is what greeted me in the hallway:


There were a half-dozen of these signs. And, in the entrance of my cubicle, I was greeted with:


Clearly, an overload of respect is something with which I am not going to be coping.



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7 responses to “No respect, no respect, I tell ya..

  1. sarasue

    BWAHAHAHAHA! Now there’s a job I could go to every day! I’d say they like you, they really like you!

  2. Well, now I have to get in on the fun. Check my new blog header.

  3. Chez Bez – thanks for getting in on the carnival of disrespect…bwaaaa. I’ll try to remember to duck..

  4. W

    Admit it, you came into the office in the evening so you could see the damage while they weren’t all there to laugh.

    Next time just let me know, I’ll get ya one of our dump trucks from the motor pool. Then you can just drive right through the canopy.

  5. LMAO!!!!! Seeee? I wasn’t the only one who snickered!

  6. Love Chez’s tribute and love office humor… Makes for a better day at the office.


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