Chris Davis takes it to the house

chrisdavis.jpgIf there was a TV showing the Titans game in the strip club where Pacman Jones was ‘getting away from things’, Pacman might have had a sudden case of heartburn when he saw young Chris Davis return a punt for the Titans. It was Davis’ first punt return. All he did was take it 70 yards for a touchdown. Yeah, it was a pre-season game, and the Packers (Titans’ opponent) pre-game injury list was about as long as War and Peace with an emphasis on the ‘war’ parts, but Davis can burn and he showed some PacMan moves on that big return.

One of my favorite parts of last night’s game was the end of halftime. There was a pee-wee football ‘game’ going on, and the team on offense was helmed by a kid with number 10 on his wee uniform. Vince Young was coming out of the tunnel and he stopped to watch the game..Suddenly the diminutive 10 scampered wide left and ran in for a touchdown. Vince was clearly excited and held up ten fingers all the way to the bench. For those of you who don’t know, Vince’s number is 10.

Fun times at the stadium last night..


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  1. Those little ones were so precious!

    What an awesome game. I feel it in my bones…it’s gonna be a great season!

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