When is a benchmark not a benchmark

Bush at the State of the Union re benchmarks in Iraq:

“Iraq’s leaders have committed themselves to a series of benchmarks,” Bush said at the time. “To achieve reconciliation; to share oil revenues among all of Iraq’s citizens; to put the wealth of Iraq into the rebuilding of Iraq; to allow more Iraqis to re-enter their nation’s civic life; to hold local elections; and to take responsibility for security in every Iraqi province.”

The non-partisan Government Accountability Office recently issued a report stating that 13 out of the 18 benchmarks in Iraq have not been met. The Bush administration, maneuvering in a manner that baby crabs would be proud to emulate, is now saying that benchmarks were never realistic and that it’s unfair to expect the Iraqi government to meet such benchmarks.

So, there were definitely WMDS, then there weren’t, then we were showing the terrorists that we wouldn’t back down after 9/11, then we were getting rid of a bad bad man and bringing democracy to democracy-starved Iraqis who were going to greet us with hosannas and rose petals and laurels, and then we were going to do something else that I’ve forgotten. Oh yeah, we were gonna stay the course, and then suddenly we weren’t.

Now we have the surge and God knows what next. If the news is good, the Bushies embrace it, if the news is bad or doesn’t meet their standards, the Bush team just takes a jump to the left, then a step to the right. It’s not just time these guys are warping.

Meanwhile, there’s no THERE THERE. You can fight until every cow, sacred or not, comes home, but unless there’s a government that can govern, an army that can hold it’s own, and a police force that upholds the laws for ALL Iraqis, the cause is eternal and benchmarks, fossils.

Those of us against this war are not ‘Defeat-o-crats’. We’re just telling the truth. The Iraqi empire has no clothes. Here’s a benchmark that I can guarantee. Unless the Bush team and the cadre of loyal congressmen change their tune, the Democrats will be swept into power with large majorities next year.


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