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Finally, he said snidely, twisting the tips of his moustache…anti-gravity is MINE!

It involves cats and butter.…genius, I tellya, genius.

Thanks to ‘Blowing Sh*t Up with Gas


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College football standings after four weeks

Vanderbilt 3 wins, 1 loss

University of Tennessee  1 win, 2 losses*

Oh yeah, I think Alabama got beat.

That’ll do it for this week…

UT had an off weekend this weekend


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Those crazy kids, or, sometimes the acorn falls far from the bush..

In her new book about AIDs, poverty and child abuse in developing countries, the young author discusses ‘safe sex’:

…’s a personal decision. All of us want our kids to be safe, and there’s no doubt that condoms make our kids safe. And many girls don’t have the choice—they are exploited sexually. It’s important they stay protected and protect others.

Can you name that author??


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Can’t we agree on freakin’ anything?, or, oh, oh, oh, O’Reilly

The other day a few* of us noticed (and wrote) that Bill O’Reilly said something really stupid (see post below  for my take).  O’Reilly seemed surprised that black folks could run a restaurant as well as white folks.  None of the bloggers around here (including myself) want O’Reilly to lose his job.  I don’t want him to be arrested, and I certainly don’t want his speech curtailed.  If he or anyone wants to brandish a Confederate flag on his or t-shirt, they get to wear the questionable garb with impunity.

All we are saying, is give stupid a chance…that is to say, when something is said by a media figure, who has a nightly show on a prominent cable network, says something so stupid, or clearly indicative of a life white-washed, can’t we all agree that this was a stupid thing to say?

Why in God’s name, does this have to turn into a diatribe about how liberals want to curtail the free-speech rights of God-fearing Americans or about the plight of the poor poor white man.**

O’Reilly is defending himself in his usual arrogant way….’they’re after me, they’re after me.  Poor poor Bill…

The other day, Sharon Cobb wrote about the schism between voices on the left and on the right..her points were well-taken.   This O’Reilly story is a perfect example.  Instead of everyone either ignoring the story or pointing out the man’s ignorance, we start flailing each other about who is the better, more-free, American.  Sheeeesh.

*few thousand

** read the comments on Kat’s post


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I went to Cafe Marche’ the other day, and boy those white people sure know how to cook..

Bill ‘no spin’ O’Reilly on his gustatory experience at Sylvia’s (a famous restaurant in Harlem):

“I was up in Harlem a few weeks ago. We went to Sylvia’s, a very famous restaurant in Harlem. I had a great time, people were tremendously respectful. And I couldn’t get over the fact that there was no difference between Sylvia’s restaurant and any other restaurant in New York City. I mean it was exactly the same, even though it’s run by blacks*, primarily about a black patronship, it was the same. And that’s really what this society is all about now, here in the USA. There’s no dfference, there’s no diffference!”

O’Reilly also said: “There wasn’t one person in Sylvia’s who was screaming, ‘M-Fer, I want more iced tea.’ “

Bill O’ does live in a zone all right, but it’s apparently in a whites only zone. ‘Those folks’ can actually act civilized, Mr. O’Reilly. O’Reilly’s purported point is that there’s more to black America than Snoop, OGs, and Ludacris. Many of who actually LIVE in ‘normal’ America already know this, Bill.

He doesn’t deserve the ‘Imus’ treatment for this, but he does deserve to be exposed for what he really is: an insulated man living in the rarefied air of the Republican News Channel and apparently a neighborhood where blacks are confined to the maid’s quarters.

*my emphasis


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Marcel Marceau dies

Not to be too disrespectful of the dead, but I have to wonder if we can expect a quiet service, followed by eight men pretending to carry a casket?   I’m really hoping the gravediggers aren’t mimes!!

RIP Marcel…


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Suffer the little children, or is that ‘Let the little children suffer’ or Let them eat penicillin

Our illustrious President, who doesn’t mind spending billions of dollars a month on an unwinnable war is threatening to veto the bi-partisan-supported expansion of the Children Health Insurance Program (CHIP).  Funding for continuance of the program in fifteen states is also part of the bill.   CHIP provides coverage for the children of the working poor – folks who make too much get Medicaid, but who also can’t afford private insurance.

Bush claims that government should be pushing the children to private insurance rather than expanding federal insurance.  Uh, these are KIDS here, doc.  Just exactly how does the free market work to insure that these kids have insurance?

The bill will also increase the flexibility of state’s to cover the population the governor of the state deems needful of the coverage.    Many of the 47,000,000 folks in this country without any kind of health insurance are children.  A country willing to sacrifice lives and bodies for a country unwilling and incapable of governing itself should have the moral sense to ensure that the children of our own country have access and ability to receive proper health care.

It is obvious to most people that sickly children become adults with acute health problems.  It’s not just the right thing to the long run, it’s cost effective to ensure that children can receive adequate health care.   A family shouldn’t have to decide between paying for the electricity or paying for a visit to the doctor.

I urge congress to pass this bill despite the blustering of President Bush.  And if he vetoes the bill, give him a fight. Pay attention to who votes with the President…and don’t forget.

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