Football records – We’re 1-0 and you’re not, or The Vols had a bear to cross (and they couldn’t)

It may not last long, but I always love it when Vandy’s record is better than UT’s.    Can I get a whoohooo from the Black and Gold faithful?   Nickson to Bennet, and the Commodores win it!!




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11 responses to “Football records – We’re 1-0 and you’re not, or The Vols had a bear to cross (and they couldn’t)

  1. Whoohooo! I do love my Black and Gold.

    Go Dores!

  2. I do enjoy watching the ‘Dores win & seeing UT lose, much to the chagrin of G-Man but I told him Cal would win. Too bad MTSU couldn’t hang.

  3. Lee

    As long as you don’t lose to a I-AA team, you can woo hoo all you want to Michigan.

  4. Not a Black and Gold faithful, but always love to see anyone in orange lose so………WOOOHOOO!! My Dawgs won too and looked pretty good doing it. I’m not getting too excited yet though. LOL

  5. I would like to thank Michigan for stepping up and losing on Saturday to take some of the scrutiny and ESPN attention off my beloved Vols this weekend.

    And ya know…we’ll see how this all shakes out by the end of the year.

    I mean, there was a time early in the season the Devil Rays were close in the American League East too…

  6. scoutabout

    Have to agree with Michael. Was a bit scary at the end, but that wondeful blocked field goal made the weekend of college pigskin one to remember.
    The Vols on the other hand…..well, let’s just see what they can do when everyone’s back, healthy and done with suspensions.
    But, yes, Go Vandy!

  7. Waaaaaaaaiiiiiittttt.
    My granddad was recruited by the Vols before Pearl Harbor. It’s in my blood.

    Please give me a pass.
    Go Orange.

  8. I apparently came upon this post four days too late.

  9. Here’s my belated WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!

    Go ‘Dores!!


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