Vote!! Karl Dean for Nashville

Please don’t forget to vote today.   I truly believe that a vote for Karl Dean is a vote to continue the wonderful tradition of Bredesen and Purcell as forward-thinking clear-minded mayors.

Megan Barry and Jerry Maynard also deserve your vote.

Thanks for voting!!



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2 responses to “Vote!! Karl Dean for Nashville

  1. It’s harder for me to get excited about Dean, because I don’t see Purcell and continuing the Bredesen tradition. Bredesen was a visionary, Purcell more of a caretaker. Now, being a caretaker wasn’t too bad, considering events of the past 10 years made the grown of Nashville a given. But we’re entering a new era, and I think a caretaker would be disastrous.

    Without a visionary, I’m afraid the crossroads we’re at as a city will be wasted. Dean so far has promised very little change. To the short-sighted, this might seem like a good idea, but regardless of what the mayor does, Nashville is changing. I’m not convinced that Dean understands this.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m not excited over Clement either. He seems old and somewhat phony: everything he says seems contrived and measured for effect.

    I’m not very happy at all with my choices for mayor.

  2. jo

    It’s a wonderful day when all your votes really count.

    I disagree that Purcell is not a visionary, he is a strategic visionary who plans way ahead. And Karl Dean is a very bright, humble person who listens and cares about all citizens and has the skills and experience to inspire others to work with him.

    We have the good fortune to live in a city that interesting and smart people from all over the world want to live and are willing to make the sacrifices to be in public service: teachers, local and state government workers and elected politicians. I am thankful they work hard to make our lives better.

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