Football standings after two weeks..

Vanderbilt 2-1

Tennessee 1-2

um, that’s about all I can think of…..Go Dores!!



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6 responses to “Football standings after two weeks..

  1. Garrrrrrrgggggaaa.
    Man, I love my orange but they are sucking with a capital S.
    When will the big orange nation start calling for Fulmer to be gone?
    Of course, I’ve been doing that for five years now.

  2. when? I think even the Fulmer faithful are asking serious questions after Florida.

  3. dan

    This morning when I was driving into Huntsville, Al. they were talking on Seth Harp’s show about Cutcliffe or Spurrier going to UTK and Saban going back to LSU or Notre Dame.

  4. Let it be noted that Vanderbilt never discusses firing its football coach. Occasionally the basketball coach receives comments like, “I hope they don’t renew his contract,” but that’s rare.

    I don’t know that that proves anything. And I’ll be on record as a huge Bobby Johnson fan.

    I kinda like it when you UT folks get all antsy to fire Fulmer, though. It makes me think you’re considering going through coach-churn like Alabama and Auburn have been doing the past few years. While Auburn mostly still runs a winning program, I don’t think it’s been good for Alabama.

    When your players turn over a minimum of every four years, you’re going to have better and worse years, even if you’re UT.

    I don’t know why Vandy gets more of the “worse” years, but I’ll take this year’s start.

    Now Hutch, let me suggest that you not make this record comparison a weekly habit….it’s bound to turn south on the Dores here soon.

  5. Trust me, I savor these rare opportunities to gloat…I know that life will turn on its normal axis again, and Vandy football will figure a way to disappoint, once again (and again and again), but it’s fun while it lasts!

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