Attention Red Sox fans


You know you’re nervous. The 14 1/2 game lead you held in late July has once again shrunken to the size of Julio Lugo’s batting average. Wakefield lost last night, and you know you need his knuckle-mojo to win this thing. You know you were counting on a sweep or 2 out of 3 this last weekend, and you know that the Friday night comeback gave you the willies (or the buckners) depending on your age.

Yeah, I know that 2004 made it seem like the curse had been lifted and the Yankee nemesis was forever tainted by your play-off comeback, but 2004 seems like a blip, and the Yankees are the Yankees and they are right there in your rear-view mirror..Despite the salty advice from Lot’s wife and Bob Dylan, you ARE looking back, you know you are…

Go Yankees!*

*the last time I wrote something like this, the Yankees fortunes took a downward spiral, but I have faith.



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5 responses to “Attention Red Sox fans

  1. Whoever finishes second is gonna win the wild card anyway. This sounds like the kind of greedy nature I would expect from a totalitarian. Or a Vols fan. Y’know, the ones who were up 42-0 on Vandy and still screaming to go for 2 in the fourth quarter.

    Of course, I don’t think anybody wants to win the wild card and face the Angels. They’re scary.

    But to quote Michael Vick’s homies, I don’t have a dog in this fight. Go Cubs.

  2. Ok, yes Red Sox Nation (including myself) is VERY nervous. Not that we will miss the playoffs but it would be nice to actually win the darned division. Thank God (or the Commissioner) for the Wild Card. I will save my trash talk for the playoffs when the Yanks poop out and get swept by the Angels (oops, I started early!).

  3. russomcbo78


  4. Can’t worry about the Sox…I’m focused on my Cubs.
    This is the year for them, baby!

  5. matt burrill

    go yankees screw the sox

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