Son of ‘Attention Red Sox Fans!’

One and one half games out.  Sox folding like laundry.  Gagne is gagging.  Papelbon went Papel-gone last night.  The game is so on.   You KNOW you are afraid.  Enjoy your day off…heheheh.



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5 responses to “Son of ‘Attention Red Sox Fans!’

  1. It’s funny how every year this plays out like some epic novel.

    Most likely, the order of the universe will be restored and (for Red Sox fans), it will play out like a Shakesperian tragedy.

    But for those of us who are fans of lesser teams, it’ll be fun to watch from afar.

  2. I still refuse to give up…I just hope my Sox have the same attitude. I get the feeling they don’t care much since they will still make the playoffs.

  3. bridgett

    Hey, hey, hey…no talkin’ smack. Especially when your guys go through seven pitchers in a game and still lose.

    Leaving my partisanship out of it, I actually think that the AL team is going to be Cleveland. They’re young, they’re hungry, they’re fun to watch…and I think they’re the only team in the AL that can beat the Angels over a series.

  4. Bridgett – I hope you know I was hoping to catch your eye with my smack!

    And yes..Cleveland is young, talented-as-hell and they are hungry.

  5. russomcbo78

    Yanks in baby…bring the tribe!!!

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