Suffer the little children, or is that ‘Let the little children suffer’ or Let them eat penicillin

Our illustrious President, who doesn’t mind spending billions of dollars a month on an unwinnable war is threatening to veto the bi-partisan-supported expansion of the Children Health Insurance Program (CHIP).  Funding for continuance of the program in fifteen states is also part of the bill.   CHIP provides coverage for the children of the working poor – folks who make too much get Medicaid, but who also can’t afford private insurance.

Bush claims that government should be pushing the children to private insurance rather than expanding federal insurance.  Uh, these are KIDS here, doc.  Just exactly how does the free market work to insure that these kids have insurance?

The bill will also increase the flexibility of state’s to cover the population the governor of the state deems needful of the coverage.    Many of the 47,000,000 folks in this country without any kind of health insurance are children.  A country willing to sacrifice lives and bodies for a country unwilling and incapable of governing itself should have the moral sense to ensure that the children of our own country have access and ability to receive proper health care.

It is obvious to most people that sickly children become adults with acute health problems.  It’s not just the right thing to the long run, it’s cost effective to ensure that children can receive adequate health care.   A family shouldn’t have to decide between paying for the electricity or paying for a visit to the doctor.

I urge congress to pass this bill despite the blustering of President Bush.  And if he vetoes the bill, give him a fight. Pay attention to who votes with the President…and don’t forget.


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