Can’t we agree on freakin’ anything?, or, oh, oh, oh, O’Reilly

The other day a few* of us noticed (and wrote) that Bill O’Reilly said something really stupid (see post below  for my take).  O’Reilly seemed surprised that black folks could run a restaurant as well as white folks.  None of the bloggers around here (including myself) want O’Reilly to lose his job.  I don’t want him to be arrested, and I certainly don’t want his speech curtailed.  If he or anyone wants to brandish a Confederate flag on his or t-shirt, they get to wear the questionable garb with impunity.

All we are saying, is give stupid a chance…that is to say, when something is said by a media figure, who has a nightly show on a prominent cable network, says something so stupid, or clearly indicative of a life white-washed, can’t we all agree that this was a stupid thing to say?

Why in God’s name, does this have to turn into a diatribe about how liberals want to curtail the free-speech rights of God-fearing Americans or about the plight of the poor poor white man.**

O’Reilly is defending himself in his usual arrogant way….’they’re after me, they’re after me.  Poor poor Bill…

The other day, Sharon Cobb wrote about the schism between voices on the left and on the right..her points were well-taken.   This O’Reilly story is a perfect example.  Instead of everyone either ignoring the story or pointing out the man’s ignorance, we start flailing each other about who is the better, more-free, American.  Sheeeesh.

*few thousand

** read the comments on Kat’s post



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5 responses to “Can’t we agree on freakin’ anything?, or, oh, oh, oh, O’Reilly

  1. Some people just don’t get context. There is a legitimate argument to be made about liberal speech codes (especially on college campuses, campii, whatever), but this has nothing to do with BOR.

    On topic, he’s a blowhard, he’s not very sharp, and if you pay very close attention, he’s a populist. I certainly don’t like to think of his as a spokesperson for conservatives, no matter what he says.

    Let’s just agree that BOR is an airhead, and leave it at that. My choice is to just ignore him.

  2. That’s the beauty of free speech. Stupid people talk, and we get to call them stupid.

    Too bad for O’Reilly that when he talks he is not only loud, but televised. Consequently, he gets called stupid by a lot more people than the rest of us do when we say something stupid–and we all do eventually.

    You don’t hear him whining about all of his attention when he’s pimping a book.

  3. Amen. I alluded to this at my place. Some people are going to die early if they don’t chill the crap out.

  4. I usually put no stock in anything this guy has ever said. I mostly hear blah blah blah and didn’t feel the need to listen to another moron say the ignorant junk that he is legally entitled to say. So I ignored it. It is too bad that this story was what people deemed newsworthy when there is so much more important stuff to argue and point fingers about.

  5. bridgett

    The speech code issue on campusesesesesesss (my solution to the thorny plural problem) is much less about PC (which is what many social conservatives fear) and much more about eliminating student participation in open-air politics of all sorts. The whole underpinning of free intellectual exchange at the heart of collegiate education is being curtailed so radically (free speech zones that amount to a ten-foot box in a parking lot where no one is likely to hear you) that it’s removing the in-system avenues for student dissent. Take away those, and students are not going to stop their agitation to be heard (whether they’re against the Iranian president or Planned Parenthood or for the war or the Jena 6); they’ll merely be forced to choose extra-systemic and super-disruptive ways that could have been easily incorporated in a more just and less fearful plan for managing omnipresent collegiate political wrangling.

    Billy O’ is a self-congratulatory idiot who argues by repetition and escalations of volume. I didn’t get worked up over this because he says insupportable crap all the time.

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