College football standings after four weeks

Vanderbilt 3 wins, 1 loss

University of Tennessee  1 win, 2 losses*

Oh yeah, I think Alabama got beat.

That’ll do it for this week…

UT had an off weekend this weekend



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5 responses to “College football standings after four weeks

  1. Florida got beat, which gives me a happy.

  2. Uh, Tennessee has actually won two games this season. Not that I care about college football, but I did go to school at UTK.

    They learned us how to count real good. It factored heavily in my decision to go there instead of Vanderbilt.

  3. I’d thought you Vandy fans could count….UT has 2 wins, thank you.

    It’ll be three after this weekend and we dismantle UGA.

  4. Hey! Vandy beat the Gamecocks!! WOOHOO! That helped my Dawgs tremendously! And……….UT is losing to Bama! Great day for college football!!

    Oh, and no dismantling of my Dawgs! I was there with my boy for his first UGA game. 😉

  5. Ugh, sorry that dismantling comment was actually from Big Orange Michael and yes they did dismantle my beloved Dawgs. Dangit!! I wasn’t at that game luckily. I was, however, at the UGA/Vandy game.

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