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“if you leave the cave looking like that, you’ll be responsible for what happens to you’

Turns out that neanderthals could actually talk. Scientists recently discovered that neanderthal man contained the FOXP2 gene which apparently implies speech. So, not only could they talk, they started distorting the cave news far earlier than we ever imagined. Eventually , men were berated for not wearing small rocks signifying their cave loyalty.

I still don’t wanna see these guys on TV…



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Where madness lies, or, ‘and the Emmy goes to Jon Hamm’..

I just watched possibly the best 10 minutes of television this year (possibly several years). The season-ending episode of the superb AMC series, Mad Men, set in 1960 featured Don Draper (Jon Hamm) making a pitch to Kodak executives. He takes their new-fangled slide projector ‘wheel’, renaming it ‘carousel’, in a pitch that is not only pitch-perfect, but also manages to break your heart. Nostalgia in a show that re-creates a past that many viewers never really knew existed. It’s an ad-world where women are largely props, where the few women who are able to verbalize their worth stand out in stark relief from the boy’s club.

I love this show, and I was excited to see that the show will return in 2008. Tonight’s show ended with the perfect Dylan might have actually been recorded a few years later, but I’ve never heard a song that fit so perfectly with a final shot. Bravo to Jon Hamm, and all the fine actors comprising the cast of ‘Mad Men’, not to mention the writers and producers.

Sometimes I’m actually proud to watch TV…


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They’ll stone you when you’re trying to be good, or Following the Brooksian logic to its logical end

A woman walks across Bicentennial Mall late at night. Some guy had asked her for a light sometime earlier that evening on 5th Avenue. When she walks past the bandshell area of the mall, that same man rapes her.

Kay Brooks says:

She should not have been walking through the park alone and late at night.

No, that doesn’t mean she deserves what happened but she is not without responsibility in this*. She made some bad choices that resulted in severe consequences.

Aunt B takes what Brooks said and draws a chalk line around it, if you know what I mean.

I live near the Bicentennial Mall. I don’t walk through the mall late at night, because I know there is no security to be found, and it is generally unpopulated. In other words, if I got mugged, there probably wouldn’t be anyone around to help me. Would I be responsible for losing my wallet or perhaps my life if I decided to cut through the mall after a late night at work and I had the unfortunate luck to have my walk coincide with a mugger’s need for cash?

On the other hand, I live in a neighborhood** that many Realtors won’t show to perspective home buyers. I’ve had nary a problem, but I’ve heard gun shots. Am I irresponsible to my wife and family for living in such a place?

When we lived in the greater Green Hills area near Lipscomb, there was a series of home invasion rapes. The rapist*** watched the houses long enough to know when a female was home alone. Should these women be culpable because they didn’t hire a bodyguard to watch them during times when no one else is around?

Sounds silly, I know, but not half as asinine as stating that a woman bears any responsible for being raped. Yes, everyone needs to take precautions. Don’t leave unattended unfinished drinks around when you are at a bar..don’t walk down the street with money hanging out of your pockets…etc. etc. Common sense should never be an ‘attic grace’ to use the words of Auden. But, moving from chastising someone for a lack of common sense to actually stating that a victim bears responsibility for being raped is a chasm that fair minded people should have a hard time bridging.

Update: Apparently, about the same time I was writing this piece, S-townMike was penning a similar post. Mike takes the pretzelian nature of Ms Brooks logic and takes it fully to its logical ends.

*my emphasis
**just to be clear here, I love Salemtown.
***The asshole was apprehended and is in prison.


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Sometimes the bastards deserve to die..

Man chokes woman nearly to death and drops her five year old daughter in alligator infested waters.  Mom survives, daughter is killed.  If this guy truly committed this atrocity, I have absolutely no problem with him paying for this crime with his life.  None.


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Sports for $500, Alex…What is a story I won’t believe until I see the death certificate…

What is, George Steinbrenner ceding control of the Yankees to his sons.  I’ve been a Yankees fan since 1960 and I plan to be a Yankees fan until they produce MY death certificate.  I’ve never been a big Stienbrenner fan (what is control freak for $300, Alex?), but he did put the Yanks back on the front page and ran what is still my favorite zoo (Yankees’ circa 1978).   A fan is a fan is a fan….I was a fan before anyone ever heard of George Steinbrenner, and I’ll be a fan when he really does cede control (all bets off if he does contrive a way to take it with him when he finally falls into the big sleep).

I don’t think a control freak can turn off the control switch.  Meanwhile..go Indians!!


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Dear Abby, dear Abby

Advice columnist Abby recently came out – so to speak – with her declaration that she believes that gay marriage should be legalized. This pronouncement probably makes some people very happy, and some people very turned off. It made me wanna write a new verse or two for the old John Prine song*:

‘Dear Abby, dear Abby**,

I’m not feelin’ so great,

I’m a pink kinda guy in a very red state,

the love of my life shares a ‘Y’ chromosome,

I want him to live in our connubial home

signed, Gay-Tommy***

Gay-Tommy, Gay-Tommy, you have no complaint,

You are what you are and you ain’t what you ain’t,

move out of the red zone and cover your bets,

try moving to Canada or Mass-a-chu-setts..

Dear Abby, dear Abby,

I recently discovered a whole new world,

it just happened when I happened to kiss a girl,

I’m female you see, that kiss went to my head,

my question to you, can we legally wed?

signed – Sapphro-dite

Sapphro-dite, Sapphro-dite,

you have no complaint,

you are what you are, and you ain’t what you ain’t

stop pretending to like boys, and listen to me,

good luck with your lady and LEAVE Tennessee..

siiiiiigned, Dear Abby.

When I first read this story on AOL, I started reading the comments…here’s my favorite, and I didn’t change a word, letter or phrase:

love4664 10:26:54 AM Oct 10 2007
Report This!Gays in Lesbian are extremly sick people they are born sick and those who turns to be gay inl esbians is because you can’t find love in the oppsite sex so since they can’t find somone of their own to love they turn gay to me gays in lesbianare handicap people because they are born confuse something happen with their brains that they are born like that ihope someday they will be treatment for this kind of sickness. gay marriage is pretty sick and those having kids is more sick please what else this society is going to come up with?.


*The REAL song lyrics can be found here.

**My sincere apologies to Mr. Prine, his family and anyone who happens to know him.

**I’m not gay and my name is not Tommy, not that there’s anything wrong with being named Tommy.


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Getting tough on MyanmarBurma

After years of US coddling the militant military government of Burma (hey, they used to be anti-commie and if you were sufficiently anti-commie you could torture cats* and grandmothers with US backing), SOMEONE in the Bush administration is finally speaking out against the torture and the oppressive nature of the generals who run the country formerly known as Burma.

The catch is, the administration official out front on this issue is Laura Bush, not the President. I applaud Ms. Bush’s speaking out against torture, asking the UN to take action, and hinting that the US is ready to take steps as well, if Burma’s government does not back down.

I’m glad that at least ONE Bush seems to display a moral center. If the Bush regime had earlier condemned and taken action against other repressive leaders and totalitarian governments before, during and after the mission creep known as the Iraqi conflict,  the ‘we’re attempting to help the people of Iraq’ answer on the spinning wheel of why we are in Iraq would have had a lot more resonance.

Kudos to someone for finally speaking out loudly in this (or any administration) about the horror that government in Burma. Thanks to the BBC, I understand that using the name Burma is a subtle linguistic slap at the military junta running the joint (they’re the ones who changed the name to Myanmar). Burma it is…

*I am not implying that Bill Frist is, or has ever been, a communist.


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