Non-smokers liberation act begins today


And although this probably makes me extremely unpopular with smokers, libertarians and some curmudgeons, I’m grateful, along with most of the 73% of the adult Tennessee population that does NOT smoke. I’m tired of second hand smoke. I’m sick of the invisible barriers between smokers and non-smokers in most of the restaurants I enjoy.

If you wanna smoke, you got the great outdoors (mostly) and over-21 joints…get to be over 21, go to the Goldrush, kill yourself slowly…it’s your life, but now my life doesn’t have be affected by it.

For what it’s worth, the Tennessee Department of Health is beginning to roll out a program that will help you stop smoking, including the use of Chantix (the rx with the best quit rate EVER). Most Health Department clinics across the state will be up and running with the campaign by November.

Just breathe….



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8 responses to “Non-smokers liberation act begins today

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  2. I think a lot of restaurants with bars are going to have to do some major cleaning – the smoke was the only thing covering up the smell of stale beer in some places.

    Even so, not having to inhale smoke I didn’t choose to light up myself is going to be very nice. Even as a cigarette lover, I’m with you on this.

  3. I went to a restaurant the other day that I’m usually loathe to go to. It was shockingly better without the smoke! There was still a leftover smoke smell, but it was quite nice not having to walk through smoke or choking on it while I ate.

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  5. I know of a few restaurants who are not going non-smoking OR 21-and-up. Basically, neither the city nor the state have sent them any official notification of their obligations, and until they receive such notice, they aren’t going to change.

    I understand their point, but as a potential customer, I’m disappointed.

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  7. Christy – the state has send every freaking restaurant in the state notices about this…our food & general staff have spent the last 6 months visiting all the restaurants and bars, etc.

    They may not remember, but they sure as heck have been informed.

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