Pro-Life the Bush way

$70,000,000 a DAY for Iraq.

Veto Extending Children’s Insurance Bill (S-SCHIP). Children WITH-OUT insurance will continue to receive some kind of care. Sadly, it will be in an emergency room at a hospital near you, at a cost that will eventually, ironically, be borne by you.

We’re watching this one folks. Compassionate conservatism on health apparently only extends to the pharmaceutical manufacturers who wrote the recent Medicare Drug Bill (which doesn’t allow competitive bidding by states or health entities for a better RX cost – Capitalism is apparently only meaningful for the lower classes.

My favorite line on this is from ‘The Moderate Voice‘:

And, indeed, you don’t have to be a political scientist to predict that, if this issue remains as it is on Election Day. some Republicans who voted against the plan arguing it was a perilous step on the way to government health care will feel sick as they realize they have to send resumes out for their post-Washington work lives.

But if they feel sick, they can always go to the doctor.

After all, they’re still covered under their government health care plans…



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