Sports for $500, Alex…What is a story I won’t believe until I see the death certificate…

What is, George Steinbrenner ceding control of the Yankees to his sons.  I’ve been a Yankees fan since 1960 and I plan to be a Yankees fan until they produce MY death certificate.  I’ve never been a big Stienbrenner fan (what is control freak for $300, Alex?), but he did put the Yanks back on the front page and ran what is still my favorite zoo (Yankees’ circa 1978).   A fan is a fan is a fan….I was a fan before anyone ever heard of George Steinbrenner, and I’ll be a fan when he really does cede control (all bets off if he does contrive a way to take it with him when he finally falls into the big sleep).

I don’t think a control freak can turn off the control switch.  Meanwhile..go Indians!!



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3 responses to “Sports for $500, Alex…What is a story I won’t believe until I see the death certificate…

  1. I was picking up what you were putting down, fully interested in your well-thought out points…and then, you hurt me with the “go Indians”. lol

  2. bridgett

    I hate George Steinbrenner with a pure, holy, personal passion. His union-busting at American Ship in Lorain, OH cost my dad his job in a lockout on Christmas Eve. Steinbrenner destroyed the economy of an entire town juggling his books to finance buying the Yankees and he shut down the yard rather than have to cede some ground (a nickel raise) to workers at his company. Most of the men he laid off wouldn’t work again for at least two years. About four thousand of them (including my best friend’s dad…) had to move away with their families. I wouldn’t piss on Steinbrenner if he were afire unless he was running toward my porch.

    The Yankees — eh, I like the rivalry with the Sox, but I don’t hate ’em. However, while Steinbrenner owns them, they’re dead to me.

  3. Didn’t you mean to say ‘Go Sox’?

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