The post in which I implore the major league baseball owners to look Scott Boras in the eye and to channel Nancy Reagan..

Please, please, please,,,just say NO.

This is about the madness surrounding Alex Rodriguez who is now peddling his considerable baseball wares to every major league team (well, every major league team if you count the Dodgers, the Angels, the Cubs, the Red Sox and the Yankees as every major league team*).  He’s a damn talented player and he did have a bang-up fine year last year, but for the love of  Alexander Cartwright, please, please don’t pay this man 30 million bucks a year to play what used to be America’s pastime.   It skews the balance of the team.  It takes the team out of team-work.

Plus, this is really about more than young Alex’s dream..this is mostly about agent Scott Boras’s dream to show the world that ‘his’ is bigger than anyone Else’s.

I love baseball, and it doesn’t bother me one iota that talented people who have a scarce talent make the big bucks.  That’s generally how capitalism works, but isn’t there a line of sanity at which this mostly ego-inflation stops?  What do you do with the 30th million that you couldn’t have done with the first, say, twenty?

*Sadly, most major league teams couldn’t begin to afford the current wage demands of A-Rod.


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