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It’s for the chirren, right, or Adopting bigotry as a state standard

I suspect there are many too-old-to-be-cute baby children who would like to be adopted in our fair state. I’m also guessing that many people who would like to adopt some of these kids are not married in the traditional legal sense. Shelby County Democrat John Berry is co-sponsoring a bill* with a Shelby County Republican (I’ll let some GOP types go after him) that would prohibit adoption of a minor to any couple who is ‘residing with another person and involved in a sexual relationship ‘ with said other person, if the couple are not married under the laws of the state of Tennessee (gay folks are out, in other words).

The converse of this wording is interesting, because you could say it implies that any married couple has to be sexually active in order to adopt a child, which, present company aside, ironically screws over a lot of married folks who haven’t even looked at each other lustfully in a dozen or more years.

Yeah, I know, the purpose of this bill is to keep children away from gay couples and that nobody is really going to ask married couples how often they copulate before they get to adopt a kid, BUT, this law does seem to have a loophole that allows non-sexually-active couples residing together to adopt a kid.

‘Do you solemnly swear that you have not penetrated or exchanged bodily fluids with said partner for the past 90 days’? Sheeesh.

Of course…screw the children. So what if they are wilting in orphanages or wards of foster parents only in it for the money. God help us if they actually have to hang around GAY people.




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Major Republican candidates pray NOT to get Pat Robertson’s endorsement..

A few months ago when Rudy G looked like a front-runner, alleged man of the cloth, 700 Club Host, Pat Robertson ran to the front of the pack, jogged with Rudy and apparently admired his leadership, despite his one-two-three wives and his not-so-subtle pro-choice sentiments.

Now that Rudy’s tanked faster than a sushi dinner at a Buddhist convention, I’m sure Pat will be wanted to swing his hundreds of supporters towards a new front-runner.  I’m guessing that the 71-year-old McCain will be able to muster the energy to avoid that endorsement.

No one cares, Pat.

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Dumb-ass Campaign Strategists Hall of Fame

Would Rudy Giuliani’s and Fred Thompson’s campaign managers and strategists PLEASE step forward…you too, Rudy and Fred. You both belong in here.

Come late, leave’s your hat, Fred. G’bye Rudy ‘but, but 9/11!, G…thanks for playing.


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Wired up..(for the King)

If you’re not watching ‘The Wire‘ or not renting or buying ‘The Wire’ (if you don’t HBO), you are missing the great Charles Dickens novel of the 20th and 21st centuries (without all the boring parts). You are missing the avenging angel aka Omar, who just might be the most interesting character in television history.

Years and years from now, when historians reflect on the decay that this nation has either fallen prey to or magically overcome, they will be watching ‘The Wire’ to understand how we failed our children, our cities, our political ideals and our national soul. And, oh yeah, they’ll also be watching because it’s damn good television.

Martin Luther King once told us that America has ‘given the Negro people a bad check.a check that had come back marked with ‘insufficient funds’. Years later when we have papered over many sins, and have actually healed others, we still are searching for the mountain-top.

I laud the people who still care enough to show us the truth, and a man, although imperfect, who spoke the truth with fierce and undeterred love.

The good neighbor looks beyond the external accidents and discerns those inner qualities that make all men human and, therefore, brothers.

Martin Luther King Jr., ‘Strength to Love,’ 1963


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‘Ohhhhh Robbb’, ‘Larrrrrrrrrry’, ‘Now Bob’

Dick Van Dyke, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Bob Newhart show…Mary Tyler Moore mastered the quavering voice with the choreography of the ballet, Cheryl Hines conjured up the slow burn of the Honeymooner’s Audry Meadows, when she managed to turn the name of her co-star into a synonym for utter disgust, and finally, in a world where the inmates of Newhart’s psychiatric practice unflapped the buttoned-down Bob Newhart, Suzanne Pleshett grounded her man with just one husky-voiced word: ‘Bob’. She did a lot of acting just saying that one name.

Mary Tyler Moore still graces us with her smile. I’m hoping that despite her TV separation from Larry David, that Cheryl Hines will still be exhibiting her utter disgust for Larry’s behavior for seasons to come. But Suzanne Pleshett has left us. She was a lot more than just a foil for Bob Newhart, acting on Broadway and film much of her life, but she will be known mostly for her part in the greatest ending ever for a TV series, and the way she made a great show even greater.

Go in peace, Ms. Pleshett. I’m sure the denizens of your new home will enjoy your husky voice as much as we did down here.

Sharon Cobb has more to say on the passing of Pleshett.

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No deje la puerta golpearle en la salida, Pedro

Don’t go away mad, Pedro…just go away.

Former Metro School Director, Pedro Garcia, has finally BEEN schooled, and is leaving Nashville, and probably heading west. Garcia made little effort to ingratiate himself with teachers and most school leaders. His dictatorial management style and his penchant for punishing principals who didn’t toe the line of Pedro didn’t prove expedient in either test score improvement or school morale.

I don’t envy his replacement, but he will not be missed from this quarter.


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Rolling the Thompson gunner out of the race..

Ok..I’ll admit right now that my Nostradom-ic track record is about as spiffy as Jeanne Dixon’s later years (‘100 Oaks will collapse..girls with pierced ears will all get cancer, etc. etc.), but I’m here to tell you that Fred T, our native big son will finish out of the running in S. Carolina (no win, no place, no show), disband the merry campaign band, and probably endorse McCain.

Predicted finish: McCain, Romney, Huckabee, Thompson. The view from here: Freddy’s dead (that’s what I said).  That’s my impression, at least.


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