He’ll give you something to cry about…Obama-arama

All indications show that Barack is putting a whupping on Hillary today (uh, that is primary-wise, nor corporeally).    I know, I know, it’s not a total sprint, but it’s  not a marathon  either.  Primary season is a series of sprints, each eliminating the Bidens of this world.   Early returns tell me this: America is weary of the Bush-Clinton-Bush leapfrog.   I would say we have Bush fatigue but that sounds less-than-vaguely dirty, but it’s hard to work up much of a dander or lather at his increasingly irrelevant jabber and maneuvering.

Fred Thompson would do well to distance himself from the current White House resident…if you don’t know better, he sounds like Warmed over W.   I’m ready for some ‘verticality’ as Huckabee keeps huckstering.

I”m also looking forward to tomorrow’s post-pillory Hillary harrumphing.  Will she play swank or will she go rank?   I’m crying dying to find out.



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7 responses to “He’ll give you something to cry about…Obama-arama

  1. Around my parts we call it the Obama Elbow Drop!

  2. mrb

    Which hat would you like to eat with your crow, John?

  3. You don’t have to eat crow for a tie. 9 delegate votes each a loser does not make.

  4. mrb

    Just you wait, Henry Higgins.

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