No deje la puerta golpearle en la salida, Pedro

Don’t go away mad, Pedro…just go away.

Former Metro School Director, Pedro Garcia, has finally BEEN schooled, and is leaving Nashville, and probably heading west. Garcia made little effort to ingratiate himself with teachers and most school leaders. His dictatorial management style and his penchant for punishing principals who didn’t toe the line of Pedro didn’t prove expedient in either test score improvement or school morale.

I don’t envy his replacement, but he will not be missed from this quarter.



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2 responses to “No deje la puerta golpearle en la salida, Pedro

  1. mrb

    It will be interesting to see what PGarcia does next.
    He has created such a rule of fear here that it will be very difficult to recover. It’s was sad ending for devoted teachers and principals who had been committed to change in public education through out the 80’s and 90’s, not the least to say for the students and parents. But hopefully this spring will be bright with no freeze in April and trust and respect can begin to be restored.

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