‘Ohhhhh Robbb’, ‘Larrrrrrrrrry’, ‘Now Bob’

Dick Van Dyke, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Bob Newhart show…Mary Tyler Moore mastered the quavering voice with the choreography of the ballet, Cheryl Hines conjured up the slow burn of the Honeymooner’s Audry Meadows, when she managed to turn the name of her co-star into a synonym for utter disgust, and finally, in a world where the inmates of Newhart’s psychiatric practice unflapped the buttoned-down Bob Newhart, Suzanne Pleshett grounded her man with just one husky-voiced word: ‘Bob’. She did a lot of acting just saying that one name.

Mary Tyler Moore still graces us with her smile. I’m hoping that despite her TV separation from Larry David, that Cheryl Hines will still be exhibiting her utter disgust for Larry’s behavior for seasons to come. But Suzanne Pleshett has left us. She was a lot more than just a foil for Bob Newhart, acting on Broadway and film much of her life, but she will be known mostly for her part in the greatest ending ever for a TV series, and the way she made a great show even greater.

Go in peace, Ms. Pleshett. I’m sure the denizens of your new home will enjoy your husky voice as much as we did down here.

Sharon Cobb has more to say on the passing of Pleshett.


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