It’s for the chirren, right, or Adopting bigotry as a state standard

I suspect there are many too-old-to-be-cute baby children who would like to be adopted in our fair state. I’m also guessing that many people who would like to adopt some of these kids are not married in the traditional legal sense. Shelby County Democrat John Berry is co-sponsoring a bill* with a Shelby County Republican (I’ll let some GOP types go after him) that would prohibit adoption of a minor to any couple who is ‘residing with another person and involved in a sexual relationship ‘ with said other person, if the couple are not married under the laws of the state of Tennessee (gay folks are out, in other words).

The converse of this wording is interesting, because you could say it implies that any married couple has to be sexually active in order to adopt a child, which, present company aside, ironically screws over a lot of married folks who haven’t even looked at each other lustfully in a dozen or more years.

Yeah, I know, the purpose of this bill is to keep children away from gay couples and that nobody is really going to ask married couples how often they copulate before they get to adopt a kid, BUT, this law does seem to have a loophole that allows non-sexually-active couples residing together to adopt a kid.

‘Do you solemnly swear that you have not penetrated or exchanged bodily fluids with said partner for the past 90 days’? Sheeesh.

Of course…screw the children. So what if they are wilting in orphanages or wards of foster parents only in it for the money. God help us if they actually have to hang around GAY people.




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5 responses to “It’s for the chirren, right, or Adopting bigotry as a state standard

  1. I’m so appalled about this right now…I can’t even address it.

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  3. TK

    It seems like we can’t get in sinc with our local, state and national politics. We have a progressive Mayor and some progressive Council members and the opportunity to elect a really great President. Now we have to go to the State and work to bring these folks into the 21st Century. And the TN State Legislature is a scary place. Be forewarned. You just can’t ever let your guard down.

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  5. Yet another example of why the state has no business involving itself with marriage to begin with.

    I’m surprised that churches aren’t doing everything in their power to wrestle the institution of marriage away from the gov’ment and leave it to religion. That’s where it was created and where it belongs.

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