About last night..the Vandy fan’s dilemma

If you live by the black and gold you can’t really have any kind of sports crush on that Orange team dwelling roughly 200 miles east of Nashville.  A true Vandy fan chortles at the Knoxville police blotter’s daily UT football arrest report.  We may respect their coaches (well, at least their basketball coaches) and the talent that continues to roll uphill (somehow), but we love it when they lose.

Though, last night something different this way came.  Tennessee men’s basketball, unusually ranked as high as their womens team, was playing the number one team in the country: University of Memphis.  And, those very same orange dribblers are going to visiting Memorial Gym this coming Tuesday night to meet the ‘Dores.

Soooooooo, do you want UT to win the game so that they will be number one in the nation when they jaunt into Nashville?  Do you want them to be perched on that throne, so that the Vandy squad can do their usual number on number ONE teams visiting the old home court (see Indiana, North Carolina, and last year, Florida).  It’s a Lot more Fun to dump Number 1 (there may be a better way to phrase that…).

Watching the game last night I was thinking…you CAN root for UT  because then it will make Tuesday night deliriously fun.  Despite the inane comments that the ‘little brother’ wants to rain on the UT victory parade, I’m happy to let UT and their fans revel in the ranking.   It’ll just make it sweeter on Tuesday night.

And before you accuse me of lacking the milk of human kindness, let me just say that I do hope that the good gendarmes and jailers in Knoxville allowed the inmates to watch TV last night. I’d hate for the football team to have missed such a fun game.

The game wasn’t particularly executed well, but it was riveting down to the last drop…dispite the historical exhortations of Public Enemy…You COULD believe the hype.



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4 responses to “About last night..the Vandy fan’s dilemma

  1. I was actually rooting for UT because my son/best friend/dad are fans and so that VU can beat them. Congrats to UT…but only temporarily. lol

  2. This is why college basketball is so much better than college football. Three teams in the same state all doing well, and even though they are “ranked”, none of that really matters. In the end, they’ll all three have a legitimate shot at going deep into the tournament if not winning it.

    Last night’s game turned up the heat on an already hot rivalry, and we are all lucky to get more of the same on Tuesday night. In football, it’s always “wait until next year” (especially for Vandy fans). In basketball, it’s “I can’t wait until next year” because I know I’m going to get to see at least three great contests again.

  3. Lesley

    The real winner in all of this is ESPN. Regardless, I’ll be uncharacteristically rooting for Vandy (to which I’m generally ambivalent) Tuesday night.

  4. We’ll see what happens tomorrow night. I think the home win streak and the taking down number one streak is about to come to a close for Vanderbilt.

    I just can’t see Pearl letting the team’s focus wander.

    Either way, this kind of scheduling is good prep for the Big Dance.

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